Nijntje XXL Miffy


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Title: nijntje XXL miffy
Author: Dick Bruna
Design: Bob van Dijk studio

Expected release date: Late March 2023



The advance subscription for ‘nijntje XXL miffy' is open! The expected release date for this very special collector's edition is by late March 2023.

In ‘nijntje XXL miffy' the focus is on Dick Bruna as a pioneering illustrator. Bruna's work is deceptively simple. The recognisable, seemingly childish shapes and colours are of course very well thought out. It is precisely the far-reaching stylisation and simplification that give Bruna's illustrations their powerful effect, on both young and old.

Bruna's illustrations are visionary and innovative. He was inspired by avant-gardists such as Braque, Picasso, Matisse and Léger. The use of colour, the lack of perspective and the simplicity of their work fascinated him. He started experimenting with a simple, clear use of colour and the omission of details. Bruna's vision, craftsmanship, and the art of using colour to create spatiality in the flat surface is nowhere clearer than in his most famous creation: miffy.

Uitgeverij Komma worked in close cooperation with Mercis Publishing on this special edition. 'nijntje XXL miffy' has a 1000 copy limited-edition and is therefore a special collector's item for the real aficionado. The book is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The edition contains almost 600 pages that are completely dedicated to miffy’s powerful design. Designer Bob van Dijk created a beautiful book stand - especially for this edition - in the shape of the famous little cross.


Collector's edition: 1000 copies
Comes with a specially designed book stand in the shape of the famous little cross

Title: nijntje XXL miffy
Author / illustrator: Dick Bruna
Language: English
Size: 35,5 x 45 cm
Pages: 592 pages
Binding: Sewn book block / Hardcover with Skivertex / Bruna colours on the edges
Design: Bob van Dijk studio
ISBN: 978-90-832266-6-8
NUR 640

The collector's edition ‘nijntje XXL miffy’
- contains a miffy made of plastic on the front cover
- comes with a specially designed book stand in the shape of the famous little cross
- is numbered
- includes a certificate of authenticity

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Nijntje XXL Miffy