Marcel van Luit – Where the Dreamers go


Title: Where the Dreamers go
Author: Marcel van Luit
Design: Bob van Dijk


Release date end of June 2021



The photobook ‘Where the Dreamers Go’ takes us to the dreamworld of internationally acclaimed photographer Marcel van Luit. He likes to look through the eyes of a child when making his work. With amazement and unlimited imagination, he creates worlds he would like to escape to when times get dark. His photos harbour messages about hope, trust and love. Marcel wants to show us that using your imagination makes anything possible.

In a time of personal challenges or fear for the things that happen around us, Marcel wants to touch people with the emotions and reassurance his work conveys. Many people are looking for meaning; we seek comfort when we mourn and need reassurance when we are insecure, we would like to be calmed down when we are anxious and find new hope when we feel lost. Art can play a major role in this. With this book Marcel wants to help others to go where the dreamers go when they need it most.

The cover of the Limited Edition of ‘Where the Dreamers Go’ contains a lenticular print. Depending on the angle you look at the cover you will see two different photos. On top of this special book - delivered in a luxury box and leather bag - you will also receive two beautiful prints by Marcel van Luit. These photos will be printed for you in museum quality in a 34 x 42 cm size. With an edition of only 50 copies, this is a real collector's item.


Limited Edition: 50 copies
Comes in a luxury box and leather bag

Title: Where the Dreamers go
Language: English
Size: 24 x 34 cm
Pages: 192 pages
Format: Hardcover with lenticular print / Swiss bound.
Design: Bob van Dijk
ISBN: 978-94-91525-94-0
NUR 653

Includes two fine art museum quality prints / size 34 x 42 cm

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Marcel van Luit - Where the Dreamers go