Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away


Title: Before They Pass Away
Photography by Jimmy Nelson
Collectors Edition XXL


The Book - XXL Edition

Since the age of seventeen, Artist Jimmy Nelson has been travelling the globe, creating stately and striking images of indigenous cultures. In 2010, he started working on the project that would make his name, a photography book titled Before They Pass Away.

In this Limited Edition XXL book, Before They Pass Away, becomes a true work of art. Printed in the enormous size of 42 x 59 cm, and bursting with so much colour and soul, each of the 464 pages in this book will leave you dazed, as you look at these peoples.

By using one of the finest printing techniques, 112 printing sheets with the sections gathered manually, and the cover printed in offset on cloth and glued on wood panels, with handmade leather head & tail bands, this book ceases to be an industrial product but resembles an object of art.

To forge this remarkable project, Jimmy Nelson travelled for three years and photographed more than 35 indigenous communities around the world with a traditional 8x4 plate camera. He travelled across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the South Pacific, at times taking weeks to find and earn the trust of these cultures.

Join Jimmy Nelson on an odyssey that takes him to some of the planet’s most beautiful places, to the edge of what we know, and back again. Follow him into the startling wilderness of New Guinea to connect with the Huli and Kalam, trek along the vast plains of Mongolia to the Tsaatan, and visit the formidable Mursi people of the Omo River valley in southern Ethiopia.

Most importantly, join us in the discussion concerning these vibrant, thriving but sometimes fragile cultures. We hope this book will be a catalyst for a meaningful discussion about the need for diversity, the beauty of culture and the shaping of our futures.

COLLECTORS EDITION XXL is a limited edition of 500 hand-signed and numbered copies offered in a sumptuous clamshell box (460 x 630 mm), containing three autographed art prints.


Colletors Edition XXL of 500 includes:
Title: Before They Pass Away
Photography by Jimmy Nelson
Language: English
Book size 42 x 59 cm
Pages: 464 pages
Format: Hardcover with clamshell box (46 x 63 cm)
ISBN: 978-94-60650-77-2

With the Limited Edition Book comes a selection of three hand-signed art prints (42 x 59,4 cm), beautifully printed on Ilford Fibre Silk Gold art paper.

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Jimmy Nelson - Before They Pass Away