Gerti Bierenbroodspot – CODEX


Title: CODEX Bierenbroodspot
Author: Gerti Bierenbroodspot
Design: Wout de Vringer



How fantastic would it be to open your own copy and breathe the scent of cedar wood perfume? In this way, CODEX BIERENBROODSPOT starts. A book that is an art object at the same time, captured and tied in real red copper that is engraved with special characters, in a font designed by Gerti Bierenbroodspot.

In this Codex you’ll find a report and stories of lost civilizations, and of countries where the artist, whether on horseback or with her Land Rover went looking for painting adventure. The Codex became a sculpture with 50 new paintings, hundreds of photographs and collages, and chronicles of places and areas where Gerti lived and worked and who are now often robbed or even destroyed by war or tourism of their magic.

Codex Bierenbroodspot is a beautiful copper art object, for the art enthusiast, for the real collector. Exclusive in a strictly limited edition numbered from 1-100.


Title: Codex Bierenbroodspot
Language: Dutch
Size: 34 x 45 cm
Pages: 400 pages
Format: Hardback
Design: Wout de Vringer
Printing: Copper foil cut
ISBN: 978-94-91525-80-3
NUR 640

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Gerti Bierenbroodspot - CODEX