Dutch Masters of the Golden Age – Unique Edition

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Title: Rijks Masters of the Golden Age
Authors: Featuring writings of Ferran AdriĆ , David Allen, Alain de Botton, Anton Corbijn, Angela Missoni, Jimmy Nelson, Erwin Olaf and many more …
Design: Marcel Wanders



The Unique Art Edition is a co-created book, between you and Marcel Wanders. The Unique Art Edition will feature the same paintings as the Limited Edition, and allows for a great amount of customisation and personal touches. The printing will be of the highest standard possible and very close to the real-life experience in the Gallery of Honour in the Rijksmuseum. All the calligraphy will be directly written into the book to make it a unique work of art.

The sequence of the paintings will be different to the Limited Edition to enhance the Unique experience and never before seen details of the paintings will be emphasised. Two paintings have a spread of 145 by 70 cm instead of 100 by 70 cm, in order for you to experience an even larger part of these masterpieces. Modern works of participating artists will be added to the book too. Some will be painted direcly into the book, others will be glued in, to give you an even more Unique experience. The unique aspects of the book are of course the personalised touches. The quotes will be calligraphed in your language of choice. Every single page in the Unique Art Edition will indeed be unique.

Each step of creating the Unique Art Edition will be discussed at length with you.


Unique Art Edition
Title: Rijks Masters of the Golden Age
Design: Marcel Wanders
Language: On request
Size: 700 x 500 x 90 mm
Pages: 450 pages
Weight: 40 kg
Format: Hardback plated with real gold plus a gilded emblem
Paper: Fedrigoni tatami whitepaper
High pigmented inks
Binding: Bodoni style binding with ropes on the spine

Gold foil, Gold plated emblem crafted by a goldsmith.
Gilt-edged pages. Italian leather.
Three gemstones (ruby, pearl, sapphire)
Three ribbons in the colours of the Dutch flag plus one extra orange ribbon

Accompanied by the Behind the Scenes book, a special designed book stand, protective sleeve and white gloves
Handcrafted personalized edition

Price upon request
Availability upon request

Dutch Masters of the Golden Age - Unique Edition